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The Application Process

To apply for a home loan, you’ll need to select one of our loan officers as your primary contact.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us at any time!


Collect the needed documents

For all applicants

  • Driver license
  • Most recent paystub for each applicant showing year-to-date income
  • W2s for all employers during the previous 2 tax years
  • Most recent two months of asset or bank statements to show funds for a purchase

For specific circumstances

  • If self-employed, provide business and personal tax returns (all pages) for previous 2 tax years
  • If retirement income is received, provide a pension statement
  • If social security income is received, provide a current year awards letter or 1099 from previous year
  • If refinancing, provide a recent mortgage statement
  • If other properties are owned and financed, provide a mortgage statement for each


Choose your loan officer

Not sure who you want as your loan officer? Take a look at our team, read their bios, and make a decision! You can’t go wrong.

Not Ready to Apply?

Pre-qualifying may be a better option for you

If you only want to get a “rough idea” if you may qualify for a home loan, then select the “Pre-Qualify” button. With this option you simply answer some basic questions, only a soft-pull credit report is done under Experian, and no documentation is required.